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Complete Site Development begins with Precision Surveying and Consulting.

Precision Surveying & Consulting (PSC), where we began when the company was established in 1999, has had over a decade of steady, managed growth, to become one of the most trusted Site Development Construction Contractors in Eastern Nebraska and Western Iowa.

This steady growth is possible because our team of carefully selected personnel work closely with the project owner and the other professionals involved with the process, creating comprehensive solutions to your most demanding projects.

Our growth has enabled our company to expand our capabilities, which, when combined, allows PSC to self perform all of our project involvement. Whether it be surveying, excavating, installing or repairing underground utilities, trucking, ... "PSC Can Do It!"

PSC Can Do It

A short, definitive, mission statement.

It means that when PSC partners with your team on any project, you are assured that you will have a reliable, trustworthy and concerned construction contractor working with you.

Our technical expertise, highly skilled personnel, broad spectrum of equipment and our management abilities support our reputation for quality of work, delivered safely, on time and on budget. Customer satisfaction is achieved by exceeding our clients expectations.

Contact us through our Inquiry Form or by calling 402-426-0260 to discover more details on how PSC is prepared to provide you with solutions... "PSC Can Do It!"

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