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Grading - Concrete Work - Blacktop

PSC Construction provides every construction project a solid and accurate foundation to build upon.

Building on our extensive knowledge and experience as a Precision Surveying Company PSC has become a respected name in Site Development and Ground Level Construction.

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Industial - Commercial

Today PSC has assembled the latest in technology and equipment, supported by talented, highly trained personnel to engineer and execute Site Development projects to the highest level. Our sevices are available in the region of Eastern Nebraska and Western Iowa.


PSC Construction offers all of our services to the homeowner. Because PSC works to a more stringent set of codes in the industrial construction market the homeowner can expect a higher set of skilled personnel who will exceed all residential codes and standards.

PSC is an environmentally sensitive company. The PSC Construction Group's certifications puts us a step above the rest. We have extensive experience in surveying, site preparation and construction for chemically active companies, including companies working in the food industry and companies handling hazardous materials. 

Contact us through our Inquiry Form or by calling 402-426-0260 to discover more details on how PSC is prepared to provide you with solutions... "PSC Can Do It!"

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