PSC Underground Utilities

Industrial, Commercial & Residential

Once again PSC's extensive expertise in Precision Surveying led to the creation of our PSC Underground Utilities Group. Our Precision Survey Data Collection coupled with our 3D Spatial CAD Drawings provides PSC with accurate information to assist you in finding the correct solution(s) to your utilities project(s).

We have the background and notable skills to handle all of your underground utilities installation projects. Whether its new installations, reconstructing old or emergency repairs, PSC has the expertise and the right equipment to complete the project in the most cost effective way.

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Specializing In HDPE Installations

We specialize in HDPE (High Density Polyethylene) and geofabric installation.

Because of HDPE's unique properties and installation techniques, PSC owns all of the necessary, specialized, HDPE equipment to insure safe and secure underground utilities.

PSC maintains a considerable inventory of HDPE parts and geofabric material. 

Residential Services

PSC can install an 18" main water supply to a major plant we are also quite capable of installing a 1" water line to your residence. In fact all of PSC's expert experience from large underground utilities installations is available to the home owner.

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Emergency Repairs

PSC's Underground Utilities Group specializes in emergency repairs.

Our extensive inventory of HDPE parts and complete compliment of specialized HDPE installation equipment allows PSC to provide a fast response time at reduced costs.

Our teams are prepared to do whatever it takes to make the repairs and get your production up and running with the least amount of interruption in your daily schedules.

Contact us through our Inquiry Form or by calling 402-426-0260 to discover more details on how PSC is prepared to provide you with solutions... "PSC Can Do It!"

We Are PSC!

  • An OSHA-VPP Member
  • Work crews are OSHA 10 Hour Certified
  • Key personnel are OSHA 30 Hour Certified
  • Some personnel are Level 05 Chemical Application Certified
  • All operators are Heavy Equipment Certified and Licensed in their respective areas