PSC Trucking - Heavy Hauling

Heavy Construction & General Contractors

With PSC's growth and continued addition of our own heavy equipment, PSC Trucking has also grown over the recent years as we supported our own project needs. Now our fleet of Heavy Haulers and Experienced Drivers are available to work with other heavy construction & general contractors moving their heavy equipment.

Heavy Hauler - LowBoy with Large Excavator

When it comes time to move some of the "Big Boys" around, PSC Trucking is prepared and ready to go. Our highly skilled and experienced drivers have been moving our own equipment for many years.

2nd Heavy Hauler - LowBoy with Large Excavator

Another one of our LowBoys moving a large excavator. The truck and trailer weigh in at about 120,000 lbs!

In addition to Heavy Hauling Services we offer Dump Truck Services for moving rock, dirt, rubble and byproducts and Flatbed Services for moving materials and small equipment.

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